What is Your Super Power?

I spend a lot of time with teachers. They are my heroes. Like Clark Kent, when out in public, they look like any other mild-mannered, ordinary individual. But, the classroom serves as their proverbial telephone booth as they slip in and change from that ordinary person into a TEACHER! I have read many books, articles, and research studies analyzing the characteristics and qualities of effective teachers.

Teachers are Superheroes

I have boiled this down into the 6 Super Powers I feel Super Hero Teachers possess:

  1. Passion. The intrinsic, uncontrollable, unending love of learning and the desire to share and pass that passion on to others!
  2. Knowledge. The ability to transform and translate the depth and flexibility of knowledge of craft and content into exciting and interesting learning experiences.
  3. Engagement. The love of teaching and creative learning experiences captures the students’ interest and motivates them to participate, accept challenges, and grow.
  4. Clarity. The ability to create, teach, and model clear, student-centered learning goals that tell the students what they will learn, how they will learn it, and what they will do to show their learning.
  5. Relational. They don’t just like kids; they choose to spend the critical mass of their lives with kids with the goal of inspiring them to be the best they can be!
  6. Reflective. The drive to continuously reflect on their craft and improve their practice to become better!

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